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Hello, friends!! Life has been a crazy ride lately, but I’m here to report that we’re still alive in our little corner of Kansas City and filled with all kinds of news to share!

The new apartment has been a blessing; although our old place was spacious, it was also older, and we were feeling the pains of living in a really, really old building. The new place was recently renovated, and I’ve never been happier to have a working ice machine in our freezer.

We’ve recently been traveling a lot, too — to Cancun, to Oklahoma — and we’re happy to have a few weekends planned to stay in Kansas City and enjoy settling into our place and Midwest summer heat! With our new apartment, too, comes a plethora of new restaurants, coffee shops and other hot spots to explore and enjoy, so we’re slowly making our way around and scoping out our new faves.

Along with these big exciting changes, I’ve decided to dedicate even more of myself over to the biz, and J.Lynn Designery has been getting a little more attention than normal lately! With that, comes the planning and development of a brand new product:

the J.Lynn Designery PLANNER!!!

This is a dream in the making and something I’ve had my heart set on for years (yes…years). The production of this planner comes out of my desire to create a beautiful, perfectly-sized, perfectly-priced agenda that I and anyone else can easily bring along with them every day, everywhere. It’s a place to organize your life, your thoughts, and your dreams. But before I dive too far into details, I have a favor to ask of you…

I’d love your help with the development of this planner by completing a quick, 10-question survey!!

This is your chance to help me design the PERFECT PLANNER. Yes, that deserved all caps.

To complete the survey, just scroll below (you don’t even have to leave the page!) and answer the questions as it guides you through. There are only three pages, so it shouldn’t take more than five or so minutes. (I know how valuable your time is!)

THANK YOU! You are awesome!!! xo

Having trouble viewing the survey below? Click here to view and complete it in another tab!

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