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Happy Monday, babes!!!

I hope you all had a FAB weekend and spent a little time in the sun – it was shining all weekend long (even a bit of a scorcher here in KC), and I loved taking frequent breaks to get out and feel the warmth on my skin. Sitting behind a computer for hours at a time can make me cold on even the hottest of days, believe it or not, so I relish my Vitamin D breaks!

A weekend as warm and summery as this one also called for new summer nails – and I loved them so much, I’m sharing the super easy, you-won’t-even-believe-it tutorial so you can flash colored tips anytime you want.

DIY Half-Tone Summer Nails


– Nail polish in your color of choice (I used “Babe Blue” by Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear – love this line’s color choices!)
– Clear top coat
– Masking or painter’s tape

Steps (Step-by-step photos below)

1. Start by tearing off small pieces of tape, and taping them across each nail, revealing only the area you WANT to be colored. I recommend doing this one hand at a time.

2. After each nail on a hand is taped, simply paint your nail as you normally would; going over the tape is fine – that’s what it’s there for, to keep you in the lines! Do one to two coats, depending on coverage. But don’t over do it! When taping off your nails like this, I’ve found it helpful to keep the coats THIN. Too much buildup of polish will make it tricky later when peeling the tape.

3. After your nails have dried (and I mean, you’ll really want to let these dry first!), slowly peel back the tape on each finger, starting at the edge and peeling it off across the nail. I repeat, do this SLOWLY – too fast and you might pull “strings” of polish with you.

4. Finish with a clear top coat. This is SO important; because you’re only painting part of the nail, the polish is way more susceptible to chipping if you don’t protect the whole nail with a top coat.

5. Ta da! That’s it! See, I told you this one was super simple. Change it up by taping off different designs on your nails – triangles, stripes, x’s – the possibilities are endless, and they’re all perfect for a pop of color in the summer.

J.Lynn Designery Summer Nails DIY

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