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Remember those summer camp days, filled with bunk beds, team building activities and craft time?

One of my favorite crafts to make with friends old and new were friendship bracelets of every color and pattern imaginable! Nothing said summertime to me like a stack of DIY’d bracelets on both wrists.

I’ve been feeling those summertime vibes lately, and simply couldn’t resist the idea of bringing back camp craft time by making these fun and colorful friendship bracelet-inspired bookmarks for my planner!

And here’s a secret: the craft stores have fifty-times the color collection to choose from than they did in my childhood days. So choosing your favorites or coordinating with your own planner is a piece of cake!

I found a few great friendship bracelet patterns over on this website, and Pinterest is full of them, too! Spend a couple hours diving back into your childhood (and mommas, get your little ones involved!), and DIY up some darling planner bookmarks that’ll last all year long. I adore finding new ways to spice up my planner and give it some flair (Office Space reference, for you 80’s babies), and this is such a perfectly simple way to do just that.

Here’s a peek at some of my colorful creations!

Get creative and make multiple bookmarks for different sections in your planner. I’ll be using one for the current weekly spread, and one for my current Christian devotional page; gotta keep track of what’s important, friends. xo

Enjoy making your own planner bookmarks this week!!

DIY Summer Camp-Inspired Planner Bookmarks DIY Summer Camp-Inspired Planner Bookmarks

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