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Christmas is upon us, my friends!!

And as this week ends, I’m watching Home Alone and going on a gift wrapping extravaganza, just in time before I head back to Indiana for the holidays.

This week’s roundup of favorite Internet spots includes a few of my very favorite things…


If you’re not already familiar with the YouTube phenomenon known as Zoella…you’re missing out. This sweet girl is one of my favorites to watch on YouTube these days! And (surprise, surprise) she is a fellow guinea pig owner and lover. I knew I liked this girl for a reason. Not to mention, she’s managed to grow her subscriber list to just under 7 million YouTubers. Is it her contagiously happy outlook on life, her adorable accent, or her knack for a good beauty trick? Yes, yes and yes. All of the above. You go girl.

May Designs

Shopping for a gift or just looking to treat yourself? This is THE perfect place. I got addicted to May Designs over a year ago when I first ordered one of their darling customized notebooks. Pick your cover design, your notebook monogram or title and your page style to create the cutest little notebook that is all you. And then order five more. Because using their online tools to mix and match and create new beautiful little notebook designs never gets old. Sign up for their emails to get notified of new patterns and sweet sales!

The Best Travel Coffee Mug EverIMG_6349

No lie. I’ve always been a fan of Ban.do, and after they came out with this beautifully perfect travel coffee mug — I was done for. In a great way. For all of you fellow lady coffee drinkers out there, this mug is the PERFECT addition to your collection. Cute and honest. With a neon pink lid. What more could a girl want in life?

Bonus! Best Celeb Impressions + Christmas Video You’ll See

I just couldn’t leave this out. I’m always down for a good celeb impressions video, but this one by Christina Bianco is by FAR my. favorite. Singing. Reading. And some of the best celeb impressions I’ve ever seen. Applause, Christina.

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