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Hello, and welcome to my brand new design shop and lifestyle blog, J.Lynn Designery! Allow me to introduce myself…

My name is Jenna, and I am the girl behind the blog and pretty little things in the design shop. As a friend, family member, or visitor (hello, new friend!), there are just three things you should know about me as you start diving in:

1. I am obsessed with great design. The world should be filled with it.

2. My fiancé and I have two guinea pigs that we love like little, furry human children. More to come on the piggies later on the blog…

3. I’m convinced that any problem can be fixed with a good cup of coffee.

I like to think that J.Lynn Designery has been an idea in the making for several years now.

Years ago, when a friend first allowed me to design her wedding invitations, little did I know that experience would be the start of a lifelong obsession with design. Over time, my fascination grew, and I was fortunate enough to land a job with an amazing agency where I get to focus on design every day. But there was still a piece missing…

J.Lynn Designery was born as a way to share all of the beautiful, inspired ideas in my head, as well as create a shop that allows me to share those ideas with others in their homes and workspaces.

On the blog, you’ll find a constant stream of visual inspiration, business sense, motivational tidbits and other fun topics for the young, ambitious go-getter. This is where I’ll share things I love, things I’ve learned, and things I think the world should know. As well as the occasional update on the pigs. Darling little things.

The design shop will be filled with pretty things for work and home; in fact, you can already start browsing a few items that have launched in the shop this week! (Eee!!) Just click “SHOP” in the menu above to view what’s new; here, you can peruse to your heart’s desire.

Are you on social media? Let’s connect!

I love meeting new people via Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest; find me by clicking these links:
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Feel free to leave your social media info below so I can find you, too!

Let’s face it. We’re all striving for something awesome in this world, and I’m a big believer that a little inspiration and a lot of hard work can get you there. J.Lynn Designery is here to help keep you motivated and excited about your goals and maybe, just maybe, inspire something great. Check in throughout the week for updates and motivation to keep kicking butt at work and at life.

PS: Do you have a blog or fun products to share? Leave your name and website below so I can check it out! There are few things I love more than young go-getters pursuing their passions in the world.

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