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There’s really no denying the fact that the stretch of time between November 1st and December 25th is absolutely, positively my favorite time of year.

Period. No questions.

Perhaps I’m fueled by nostalgia or by the gathering of families and friends…but whatever the reason, this is the season I plan for and look forward to all year long. When I see Christmas decor starting to fill the shelves in October, I get a twinge of excitement. When the Hallmark Channel starts their annual lineup of holiday movies, I couldn’t think of watching anything else.

Now I know what most of you are thinking; Jenna: TOO SOON.

I know. I’ve heard this a thousand times. Thus…I’ve taken to keeping my explosive holiday joy inside (for the most part) until after Thanksgiving. And you must know, this is extremely hard for me. But out of respect to those who like to separate out the holidays and take it one month at a time, I refrain from throwing garland everywhere and blasting Christmas music at work. For now.

Speaking of work…working in advertising does not help squash the feeling of the coming season. We generally start seeing holiday materials roll in as early as September, so this excitement of mine is not entirely of my own making. It’s hard to ignore the coming holidays when you’re designing snowflakes and ornaments at work!

Of course, what happens in our apartment is behind closed doors and likely not to offend anyone.

I’ve started breaking out just a couple of items to welcome the season. Many of you will be happy to know our Christmas tree has not yet been constructed. (For the rest of you, don’t fret; that’s on the agenda for next weekend.)

So far, I’ve made it through four Christmas movies. However, this has been primarily at the gym, seeing as we don’t have cable and that’s one of our only solutions to enjoy the perfect holiday movie lineup on Hallmark.

And as a nod to that last photo: I also like this to be known as fuzzy slipper season. I know that, at least, is season-appropriate. (These particular slippers are from Target and they’re perfect. Mine are from last year, but these look comparable.) So in order to avoid confusion and play fair among all holidays…

Happy Fuzzy Slipper Season!!

christmas wreath decor

christmas decor on fireplace mantel

christmas banner decor

slippers and socks


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