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Some weeks, I find motivation comes more easily than others. But for those weeks when the motivation just isn’t there (hence, this week, for example), I have a secret weapon in my back pocket that helps me overcome the slump and get back on track…

The Weekly Hustle Plan.

The Weekly Hustle Plan is a single page worksheet, and how I use it is simple. There’s space for me to write three goals I’m working towards. Just three, so I can focus on the really, really important things and not get overwhelmed by the ever-growing life to-do list looming in the distance.

Beneath each goal, there’s a designated box meant for capturing action steps that will directly influence the success of that particular goal. For example, a goal might be “Home Office Makeover.” Some of the supporting action steps might include, “choose a color scheme,” “set a budget,” and “make a list of necessary purchases.” I do this for all three of my goals. Then, every day, I try to do one thing from each of the three goals’ action steps that will help me get closer to reaching each goal.

The idea is not to necessarily fully accomplish the goal written down, but instead, to make solid steps towards achieving my ambitions that week.

This system has aided me in staying focused when there’s a lot on my plate, and I can easily make out a new Weekly Hustle Plan at the start of each week to stay refreshed and up-to-date with what I’m trying to achieve. A goal might be to “plan healthier dinners,” and supporting steps might be to”start a board on Pinterest,” “make a list of common healthy ingredients,” “experiment with three new recipes,” etc.

Or…a goal can be as big as “buy a house.” Supporting action steps might include, “find a real estate agent,” “make a list of must-haves and nice-to-haves,” and “narrow down to preferred locations and neighborhoods.”

The Hustle Plan is SO great because it keeps me focused and able to knock out a few things every night, even after a long day at work, and there’s no wrong way to do it. And the best part — you can snag my Weekly Hustle Plan for FREE on the blog today! Just click here or click the worksheet below to open, then right-click to save or print. This one sheet is all you need to start kicking butt in your spare time!

Hustle Plan

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