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When it comes to business, everything you put out into the online world says something about your company. Every blog post, Instagram pic, Snapchat video, and tweet is a tiny reflection of your brand, and it all adds up to represent your company as a whole to your broad online audience.

Perfecting every bit of info you post online feels like a lot of pressure, no?

As business owners, who truly has the time to curate every little post and picture so perfectly? Does it make more sense to post only when you feel 100% about that post you’re about to share?

The same can be asked about that new product or ebook you’re working on. Is it better to perfect every tiny detail of your new product before giving the world a sneak peek at your creation? Even if that means weeks or months of additional development and testing?

In many cases, the answer you’re looking for here is, “no.” Here’s why.

When you have something brand new and exciting to share with your consumers, don’t be afraid to share, and share early! By doing so, you’re bringing them along on the process and making them feel a part of the development that would otherwise be happening in your own silo. Working on a new ebook for your audience? Do a test run! Release an early version for those lucky few, or set up a feedback program where they’ll use your product or ebook as intended and provide structured criticism and feedback for you as you continue to work out the kinks.

Is this the first time you’ve created a product like this? Even MORE of a reason to share the journey. Consumers have a lot of respect and understanding for the development that goes behind a new product, and by being up front about the process with them, you’re opening the door for conversation and inviting them to join in your journey of the product creation.

Going back to social media, yes, appearance is everything for your business online. But until you find your rhythm of styling posts for your social channels in a consistent and beautiful way, sharing something with your followers in the beginning is generally a better approach than nothing at all. Get the dialogue started with your followers, even if the lighting wasn’t absolute perfection in that image post.

Then, when you do find your style and rhythm for your brand’s online appearance, stick with it!

Consistency with your brand’s image online is the first step to building trust with your followers and audience and will significantly cut down time in the future deciding on the perfect angle, light, or voice for your product imagery and posts.

When it comes to sharing posts, images, and sneak peeks with your audience, bring them into your world and start creating those relationships. There’s no better time to start than now.

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