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The pigs haven’t made an appearance on the blog lately — gosh, has it really been since Easter?? — so we are well past due for an update on these little furbabies this week!

Since moving into a new place just over a week ago, the pigs also moved into a new place — a beautiful new elevated cage with a loft that my dad and fiancé worked their man magic to build! (A cage tour will be coming soon, so stay tuned, fellow pig lovers.)

Although we’ve traveled with the pigs, moving was a whole new experience for all of us as a little family, but thankfully, the little ones didn’t seem to go through any kind of slump or transition period. In fact, Lemmy and Bella settled in immediately, and are more comfortable in this luxury new cage of theirs than they’ve ever been! We’ve been taking them out for playtime on the floor, too (on our new rug, that is), and they love running around, exploring the area …and much to our relief, are almost completely potty-trained! (We can’t take credit for that accomplishment, however. They stayed with my parents in Indiana a couple of weeks ago and came back as two little potty-trained piglets! They may have to visit Indiana more often…)

Scroll below for a few new photos of the babes!

Also, have you downloaded the June calendar wallpaper for your devices yet?? Click here to download and save as your pretty new wallpaper to celebrate a new month!

cute guinea pigs

cute guinea pigs

cute guinea pigs

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