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Before you panic, I have to share that the concussion was not suffered by the pigs. And it was a tiny concussion. Maybe even a semi- or not-quite-a- concussion.

Good news: the pigs are doing GREAT.pigupdate_1

And they have the cleanest cage in all the land this week! …At least for a day. It doesn’t take long for those pigs to dirty up their cage with piggy hairs, hay remnants and bathroom duty all over.

And you have to understand, cleaning a guinea pig’s cage is no easy, five-minute task. To do a full cleaning on our pigs’ duplex cage + sleeping loft, it takes around an hour of work and a couple loads of laundry. So…I guess you could say we set aside an afternoon to complete this monster of a task.

A full cleaning of the cage is something we try to do every week or two, but we spot clean every night (which generally takes no more than five minutes). While there are certainly a lot of tasks associated with caring for pigs (factor in the floor time, hay and pellet restocking and two additional veggie feedings a day), it seems like a lot at first glance. My fiancé, Michael, and I found it works best to divide the tasks evenly and keep up with the same schedule; this left me on poo duty due to his allergies, but I’m also usually the one conducting floor time — which is my absolute favorite.



There’s still the issue of the maybe-concussion.

Doing a full cleaning of the cage is generally a two-person job. My ambitious little self this past weekend thought it would be a brilliant idea for me to clean the entire cage while Michael was at work so I could surprise him when he arrived home. Well…before I even had a chance to move the pigs to their playpen, I knocked my head embarrassingly hard into the corner of our kitchen countertop. Needless to say, I finished cleaning the cages with one hand on my head and realized an hour later how dizzy I felt.

Thankfully, the dizziness wore off with time and I was left with nothing but an awkward bump on head. Was that a concussion? It’s hard to say. Probably not. Do the pigs have a spotless cage to roam and sleep and play in? Why yes, yes they do. And for that, we are all thankful.

Happy Wednesday, friends!


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