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Happy “fresh new start,” friends!! That’s how I feel at the beginning of each week: like the world is at your feet and anything is possible.

(It may be a little overly optimistic, but it’s better than the “Monday blues,” am I right?!) Regardless, I hope your week is off to a great start already today!

I find myself reading a lot of articles lately about the best way to do just about anything. The best way to network, the best way to apply a certain design technique, the best way to make time for yourself…it’s a never-ending Google search of bettering yourself, really. We turn to friends and online networks for answers and ideas, and we read blog posts, articles and books on subjects that spark our interests. It’s natural to want to be the best version of yourself.

What I’ve been finding, however, is that while the path to becoming the best version of yourself can sometimes be messy (you research, zig zag, back track, and jump ahead), the ultimate trait to achieving this is simple: curiosity. Without curiosity, we settle. We become stale and bored, and we lose interest in things outside of ourselves. But with curiosity…

With curiosity, we continue to learn, grow, and expand our worlds into something we never could have reached while sitting still.

This week, make time to read for twenty minutes a day, have a conversation with someone new, subscribe to a new online newsletter — or all three. Staying curious about the world around you is a no-fail way to stay motivated and grow as a person, no matter your career or passion in life. xo

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