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Getting motivated is NOT easy.

Some days, it seems like the hardest thing in the world for me. One episode of Gilmore Girls on Netflix suddenly becomes a four hour marathon. A couple of chips becomes half the bag. And one YouTube video becomes an entire video-watching binge, catching up on literally every single video from your favorite vloggers that you haven’t (or have) seen.

But then evening rolls around, it’s dinnertime, and you realize the only things you’ve accomplished today are getting dressed and feeding the pet. (Ok, this was actually my Sunday. So don’t judge. It happens.)

I’m convinced that everyone gets motivated in different ways, and finding what works for you is CRUCIAL. Because you will have these moments. And you will have regret at the end of the day. (Or not. A few hours with Lorelai and Rory Gilmore never hurt anyone.)

For those days when you DO need to get motivated, however, here are a few go-to tricks I use to turn on the hustle.

Get motivated

I feel ya, pig.

1. Coffee.

Ok. This may seem like kind of a cop-out. But for me, coffee is a great motivator. I save it for the times when I really need to power through something or get my butt off the couch. It makes the apartment smell great and it gives me the right boost of energy to get going. Once I build that momentum, it’s generally easy to keep moving through my tasks. If you’re not a coffee drinker, I highly recommend green tea (cold or hot) as an alternative. Delicious and it provides that same boost of energy.

2. Make a list.

I talked about this one last week, too. As you can tell, I place a lot of value on list-making, and it’s a great motivator for me when I get stuck. I simply make a list (on my phone or on paper) of everything in my head: the stressors, the procrastinations, and the fun things. Without a list, it’s easy for me to naturally want to do the fun things first, so those get pushed to the top. But when I write it down, I can prioritize more rationally. Sometimes I like to do all of the not-fun things first (maybe with music in the background or a treat to munch on while working), and then leave the reward for last. Or, I alternate so that I have short-term rewards to look forward to in between the not-so-fun tasks. Try pulling out a pen and paper (or just grabbing your phone if you really can’t move from the couch) and jot down all of those things floating around in your head that keep getting pushed back. Laundry will seem a lot more approachable when you have a nice reward waiting at the end of it.

3. Call someone.

When coffee and list-making just don’t do it for me, I call someone. Usually someone I’m very close to and can talk to about anything — like my mom or fiancé. I let myself just focus on them and catching up for awhile, and while still in conversation, I purposefully get myself up off the couch and moving, doing things around the apartment to start building that momentum (all while focusing on the conversation at hand, of course). This is almost always a no-fail way to get me moving, and by the end of the conversation, I’m already mid-task and have a short list of other things in my head to complete. Try this something; I promise it works. But you have to make yourself get moving mid-conversation before you hang up and find yourself in the same position you were when you started the call.

What gets you going when you’re not feeling so motivated? Share below so we can ALL stay motivated this week!! Happy Monday!

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