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kansas city tv stand…but before you get TOO excited, we’re moving a whole 2.6 miles away (yes, I Google-mapped that!). Soooo not exactly cross country moving over here, but nevertheless, M and I are SO excited and cannot wait to get all settled in the new place! And, I thought what better way to go through this process than to share it with my fabulous friends online!! So I’ll be documenting the move right here, on J.Lynn Designery. Starting now.

Our move date is Saturday, May 23rd, so we have just over a month to get our lives together (not to mention, all of our STUFF) and get our butts to the lovely new place. And while May 23rd seems forever away from now…I know it’ll just fly by and we’ll be living amongst an apartment full of packed boxes in no time.

Speaking of — how soon SHOULD one start packing for a move??

M has already started with clothes, but I’m being a little procrastinator and haven’t touched a thing. (What if I need that ONE thing I already packed that’s now sitting in the bottom of a box with tons glassware and breakables on top??!)

No but really, we’re going to find some boxes this weekend and just keep them on hand, so we can pack here or there when we feel like it. Maybe packing little by little won’t seem so bad, and we’ll be all set in no time?… That’s my hope, anyway.

So also, even though we’re totally moving into a beautiful new place next month — we knew that for the great price, we’d be sacrificing somewhere, and that was on space.

Which, in reality, is so fine! We’ve been spoiled the last couple of years with a large, open, spacious apartment with high ceilings and large windows …while our new place is just a litttttle bit tighter with normal ceilings, but still fairly large windows. (It was a priority for me; a blogger’s gotta have her natural light!) And the best part about the new place? Everything is brand NEW. Our current place isn’t terrible, but our floor is definitely in rough shape, and the fridge kind of sounds like a dying toad…so the brand new, dark hardwood floors and perfectly working fridge are an absolute DREAM. I really think that’s all we need to be happy. An even floor and a quiet fridge. We’re good.

Since we are sacrificing a little bit of space, we decided to sell as many unnecessary things as possible online.

(My experience on Craigslist could be a post all it’s own! I won’t go into detail about that one.) Some of the things we’re ridding of include:

• TV Stand/Entertainment Center (sold!)
• Pub Table + 2 Matching Chairs (sold!)
• Large Desk
• Baker’s Rack (sold!)
• Printer
• Printer Stand
• Area Rug (sold!)
…and that’s just to start. Who knows what else we’ll post for selling once we move into the new place! There will also be a Goodwill trip involved, I’m sure of it. I’ve personally never been a hoarder, so going through all of our “stuff” and pitching/selling/donating lots of it feels so heavenly. Of course, with the riddance of our current rug comes the purchase of a new one…you didn’t think I was just doing away with all rugs now, did you?? Same with the desk. M has his eye on my desk, and I’ll be doing a little desk shopping for the perfect white desk for my workspace. I’m sure you’ll see that being documented over the coming weeks on here, too!
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