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Happy November! It’s hard to believe Halloween is past and we’re creeping up on Thanksgiving, holiday preparations and another new year. I can hardly complain; my fiancé, Michael, and I look forward to this time of year for months. This year, my parents planned a visit to Kansas City this weekend, just in time for sweater weather and football season.

Even at 25, I so look forward to weekends with my family and spend days cleaning and prepping for their arrival.

This weekend was no different. Plus, like most others our age might agree, it gives us a great excuse to clean the apartment top to bottom. (Or so we thought. It turns out, my parents still find things to clean, fix and update while visiting.)

The weekend together was filled with great food, shopping and relaxing evenings for all. My parents have never been to a Chipotle, so we gave them the experience on Halloween, along with zombies, Where’s Waldo, superheroes, and other creatures, including an entire gang of cyclers in costume. You have to love that kind of commitment on a Friday night as chilly as we had!

The next morning was so perfectly lazy. A slow start meant the pigs had some blanket time while playing with my parents. You have to understand, this particular blanket is the stuff of dreams for them; its fluffy side is perfect for burrowing and puts the pigs right to sleep every time. And seriously, what’s cuter than sleeping guinea pigs??! After exploring and playing around a bit with my parents, the pigs passed out in little furry balls of cuteness.





The rest of the morning was spent wandering the chaotic and dream-like aisles of IKEA.

My parents have never been, so an IKEA trip was on the agenda for weeks! They loved it. I think. If you’ve never been, it’s hard to put the emotional process into words. Excitement builds as you enter and take in the largeness of the building. The first few moments of shopping quickly become overwhelming as you try to take in everything around you. Your hunger strikes halfway through after realizing you’re nowhere near the end, but catch wafts of Swedish meatballs floating through the air. Your desire to finish the trip towards the end sets in, and you are filled with both dread and relief as you notice the long, long check-out lines — so close, yet so far from the end.

To our surprise, we somehow left IKEA with plans to purchase a beautiful new sofa and matching ottoman for our apartment!

I’ve certainly walked out with unplanned purchases there before — a potted plant here, a kitchen gadget there — but a full size piece of furniture? That was new to me. Working through the logistics of getting this gorgeous Karlstad sofa back to our apartment proved to be a tad stressful, but once there and assembled, we couldn’t be happier! The dark, charcoal color is perfect, and the larger size makes us want to have some friends over, stat. Despite the fact that our living room now smells like an IKEA showroom (which I don’t entirely hate), we’re thrilled with the new sofa and so happy we could do this with my family in town! What perfect timing.



One more delicious meal and a night curled up on the new sofa made for the perfect end to the weekend. We ventured over to Oklahoma Joe’s for dinner with my brother (or shall I say, Joe’s KC?), and tested out the sofa with family movie night before falling into bed. Moving and assembling furniture is exhausting. Although I can’t even take the credit; my dad is the real expert behind the perfectly put-together sofa!

Now that’s it’s officially November, I see no reason to squash our love for the holiday season; be prepared for more on Christmas decorating, DIYs and gift shopping! I bought our first holiday purchase at IKEA: Christmas coasters!! All of the varying winter scenes will be perfect for use this season.


Have a great start to your week!! Until next time…

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